Castile Soap - What is it?

Castile Soap

Conscious Liquid Castile Soap is amazingly versatile - in fact it has over 30 uses so can replace lots of the products that you have around the home!

It's vegan, free of synthetic ingredients and naturally antibacterial

Our blend is an Olive and Coconut blend. The coconut soap is high foaming, very cleansing and enables this soap to be a hard worker around the home. The addition of Olive Soap brings low foam, nourishment and moisture - meaning it's gentle enough for babies, pets and adults.

Castile soap was made in the Mediterranean area before its use spread to Europe. Traditionally, Castile soap was made of olive oil. It gets its name from the Castile region of Spain.

These days, the soap is also made with coconut, castor or hemp oils. Sometimes it’s made with avocado, walnut, and almond oils as well. These oils give the soap its lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing properties.

Castile soap is also safe and gentle to use on you, your house, your kids, and pets.

Here are some ideas for use, although there are plenty more: