About us

Conscious started as the Kiwi Clean in Melbourne, Australia in mid-2016. Owner, Johnny, had moved from Auckland to Melbourne three years earlier and sadly been homeless for a lot of that time. Although a very stressful time for him, he also learnt a lot including realising he wanted to give Mother Earth a heck of a lot more respect that she currently got. Johnny, eventually found his feet in Melbourne and started a small cleaning business – the Kiwi Clean.

However Johnny was using chemical cleaners and after just 1 or 2 weeks the harsh ingredients started to take their toll. He started wearing gloves because his hands were raw and his skin was peeling. He wore a mask while cleaning showers because of the irritation to his lungs and eyes and had a persistent cough.

No more. The start of the journey began. “The Kiwi Clean” became “The Kiwi Clean – Your Earth Friendly Cleaners”. No more chemicals. No more artificial fragrances.

It doesn't make sense to use chemical products to “clean” areas where we, eat, shower and spend intimate time with our loved ones. The ingredients in these products are hard enough to pronounce, let alone know where they came from.  Their labels often say DO NOT CONSUME or CALL 0800 POISON if swallowed. Not to mention the science behind how much these products toxify and pollute homes or the hugely negative effects they have on water ways, land and eco systems – the things that without, we fail to exist.

With that, started three years of continual practise and testing to create the beautiful range of products available. The idea of “Conscious – Handcrafted by Nature” was born and brought back to New Zealand in early 2018. All natural, all ethically sourced, with organic soaps, beautiful essential oils for fragrance, a staunch stand against palm oil and 100% cruelty free. The way nature intended.

Our Mission?

  • To bring you a product that works as great as it looks
  • To bring an elegant, hand crafted, all-natural product to the masses; a product that looks sensational on your shelf or bench top that stimulates conversation about why it exists and what needs to change in this world when you see it.
  • A product that is truly ethical from beginning to end, that isn’t just about profit, but giving back to the place it came from. The Earth. Aotearoa. Our Home.
  • A product that is truly Conscious 
  • A product that does all of this and doesn’t cost the Earth