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Natural Oxy-San Laundry Booster 800g

Natural Oxy-San Laundry Booster 800g

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**Please note the the 5kg variant includes return postage of the empty container so we can reuse it - simply let us know when it's empty by replying to any of our emails**

.Conscious is striving to be New Zealand's most ethical cleaning range. 

 All of our products are: 

100% Natural & handcrafted
Glass bottles
Completely home compostable or reuseable powder packaging
Palm oil and Cruelty free
Closed-loop return bulk packaging (Wholesale available)

Conscious Oxy-San is handcrafted in Te Hana using only ethically sourced all natural ingredients. This Oxy-San is an excellent laundry soak or booster and will make your whites whiter and colours brighter. 


Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate. 50% active


Directions for use: Add 1/4 of a lid to small laundry loads, 1/2 of a lid to larger or heavily soiled loads as a booster.  Use 1 heaped lid in 4L of hot water for soaking.